Nancy Just

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Dreamy Lyrical Truth

Singer-songwriter Nancy Just's second album, ALCHEMIZED, produced by songwriter multi-instrumentalist Justin Roth, is inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit and by the ability of the human soul to transcend pain and suffering. ALCHEMIZED illuminates love, loss, hope, redemption, spirituality, addiction, healing, and soul freedom. While making the record, Roth came to refer to ALCHEMIZED as "prophetic" as it foreshadowed many events in Nancy's life that would unknowingly come to fruition. Some of the songs are retrospective (coming from past experience), while others are fictitious, where inspiration and imagination pave the way to new ideas. In this case, the potency behind the songs prophetically and uncannily come from the past, present, and future at the same time, mirroring events in Nancy's personal life that would become actualized. The album became more poignant and synchronistic as events in her life unfolded. Inspired by numerous artists, predominately Lana del Rey's "Tropico" and Mazzy Star, Nancy's vision for this record was to be lyrically and sonically cinematic, deeply poetic, and mimic "real life". Rooted with her vulnerable lyrics, her ethereal and at times haunting vocals, her music beckons the listener to lean in, as if she's sharing aloud our own Tarot card reading, in which each of our fate's may be mutually entwined. The songs range from the intimate "Catch and Release" and the driving "Urban Warrior" to the anthemic "Freedom". These incantations rest on a bed of Roth's lush multi-layered electric guitars and textural landscapes, along with the echoes of clanking bottles, the swooshing of cars driving by, and the pacing of boots on a wooden floor, to sonically zoom us in and takes us there. Shamanic and mystical elements are woven throughout ALCHEMIZED as Nancy has been drawn to the metaphysical since she was an adolescent. ALCHEMIZED reflects how we can be transformed and transcend our pain through our spiritual practices and experiences. Even though parts of the album are deeply personal, even more so, they are universal. The strength that underlies Nancy's lyricism and vulnerability is humanly relatable and stunningly intimate, resulting in a deeply moving listening experience. The album is dedicated to her two boys and their late father, who unexpectedly died while the album was being recorded. Deepening the significance of the symbolism and potency of the record, Nancy's brother unexpectedly died four months later from a drug overdose. Recording ALCHEMIZED was a sacred and deeply moving process for her as the songs themselves enabled her to transcend her own heavy lead into gold.