Native Station

Baroque Pop-Rock

Colorado-based and comprising of five members: Greg (vocals/guitar), Thomas (lead guitar/vocals), Blair (keyboards/vocals), Brett (bass) and Casey (Drums), the quintet crafts music that is both pleasing to listen to and difficult to categorize, being placed in the general sphere of Alternative Rock.



Often compared to Counting Crows, Incubus, and early Panic! at the Disco, Native Station's intricate blend of contrapuntal instrumentation over distorted guitars, a driving backdrop of drums, and memorable pop melodies bring a live show laced with energy.


In June of 2017, the band self-recorded and released a 17-track mixtape, shifty.SHIFTY {The Harvest Sessions}. Vibrant, electrifying, soulful, and comprised mostly of material played live in 2016, the mixtape embellishes on full orchestrations of the live band arrangements. After playing notable North Colorado venues such as The Aggie Theatre, Dickens Opera House, Larimer Lounge, and Lost Lake, Native Station released their first and second singles "The Happening," and Lightframe/Tall Tales in 2018.


2019 saw the release of their debut studio album Morningstar Drive as well as the release of their music video Breckenridge, with the band doing a 7-day tour in California in support.