No Doubt About It

Ska, Pop, Punk

Señorita Sometimes front woman (Stacy Sevelin) grew up seeing No Doubt in both Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Gwen Stefani was one of her favorite female singers. It dawned on her that she should try to start up a No Doubt tribute band in Fort Collins. She then quickly begged her bandmates Menyus Borocz (Wire Faces) and Sean Speer (Stella Luce) to play a No Doubt tribute set for Halloween at Surfside7 in 2017. Both miraculously agreed. Stacy then asked Craig Powell to play bass for the show (he was not in Señorita Sometimes at this time). After the successful and fun show, Craig soon joined the band as full-time bass player! Cassie Cowan joined Señorita Sometimes in late 2018 and plays keys/backup vocals in No Doubt About It!

If you are feeling nostalgic and love No Doubt, you should check out this cover band! Many people have stated that NDAI does a fantastic job and plays an awesome tribute to the band. It really is a fun show and brings you waaaaay back!