Hip Hop-Rap


Saturday 11:00PM @ Tony's Bar & Rooftop


A raising star within his own making, OC has finally become one within his pure self: IC (in control). His name is OC/IC, pronounced as "oh see eye see", but most just call him "OC" for short. OC was born and raised in the city of Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. He has always been known to be "extremely self-proclaimed". OC took strives into being solely known for his original flow and aspiring swagger once he graduated from high school in 2012 . With his immersive single “ Let Me Announce” in 2012, he and the chosen ones got it trending on Twitter. OC swiftly went through the journey and by 2016 IC was introduced slowly to the masses ; as he travelled through time, he soon found his true form. Stay lifted fVr is his main mantra. THIS IS OC OF CO .