Opposition Agent

4:40PM @ The Lyric - The Lawn Stage

angular dissonant spazz

Opposition Agent plays breakneck hardcore with split second changes and little repetition. Songs with sculpted disdain for harmony and predictability barely break the 60-second mark. Each sonic vignette fuses diy lo-fi noise and visceral catharsis with electronic sterility and calculated precision. 
The 4-piece eschews traditional musical aesthetic while they weaponize dissonant atonality to reject those who cling fearfully to the status quo.
Members are all lifelong musicians and performers, veterans of punk, hardcore, and grindcore bands such as Rat Bastards, Granddad's Dynamite, Entropy Formula, and more.
In summer 2021 they released a split on Sleeping Porch records with local avant garde noise prodigies Sludgebroker. They are currently self-producing an EP to be released in spring 2022.
Check them out online:
Instagram @Opposition.Agent