Peaches Embry and Rhythm Train

Funky Bluesy R&B

Peaches Embry has been singing since a young child, performing lead and harmonies in church, and joining in with her father's Chicago jazz band.  She has had the opportunity to share the stage with numerous musical talents, from Sammy Mayfield to Big Bill Morganfield and has played on many stages from Snowmass Jazz to Greeley Blues Jam. She credits her diverse approach to music to her early experience with being asked to perform the opening set for a Blues Cruise pro jam featuring artists such as Irma Thomas, Gatemouth Brown, Cliton Chenier, Jr, and more.  "I received one-on-one sit down schooling from some of the very best all at the same time!" Her journey through gospel, jazz, R&B and blues, this veteran artist of the "Linden's Era,"  belts out strong expressive blues and R&B that  will take you to places you've always wanted to be. Her love and feel for music is shared by The Rhythm Train Band.This talented group of experienced artists put their heart and soul into every tune, every note.  Together, this band consistently shares a full experience with their audiences in a uniquely soulful and funky way - Infusing blues with the art of many musical eras and genres.  A perfect musical fusion of experience and mastery to provide a total rhythmic experience for you – body and soul.