Rae McAlister

Saturday Night - 7:00pm to 7:45pm @ The Rickshaw Live | All Ages

Theatrical, Introspective, Innovative

Rae McAlister is a Colorado native, but has traveled and lived far and wide across the states. Born into a musical family, her grandfather an opera and music theater performer then music professor at Arizona State for decades. Her parents met there, both sharing a passion for music. The piano she writes and records on is her grandmother's and is the one she taught her chords on as a little girl. Her mom and dad expanded her to guitar, and she was vocally classically trained with roots in music theater, jazz, and folk.  Through her travels she picked up bluegrass and blues influences revisiting sounds of her youth. She’s been writing and performing Folk Rock music for many years in which she's had the privilege to  play Fort Collins venues such as Concerts in the Square, Mishawaka, Avogadro’s, Breathe Yoga Festival, The Downtown Artery, and local clubs as well as events nationwide.  Featuring a wide repertoire of original music ranging from soft ballad serenades to floor stomping rock, there's hours of music waiting to weave the perfect ambience for any occasion or venue.