Red Baron

Friday 5:45PM @ New Belgium Brewing Co. - West Lawn

Rock Americana Groove

The band Equally Challenged emerged from lockdowns with a new outlook on making music, reflecting the world we live in today. These five veteran Northern Colorado musicians relied on their collective experience and drove to become tighter. More importantly, they flexed their maturity to enjoy doing whatever the hell they wanted musically because music is fun. 


Breaking into open skies as RED BARON, the band now flies songcraft, harmony, and deep pocket grooves into a dogfight with the monotony found on marquees today. RED BARON hunts across multiple genres, all rooted in the kind of rock-n-roll that just feels good on so many levels. 


When players Dan Kozlowski and Kendall Wren – stalwarts of Brakeman Junction, Delicious Hotdogs, and Zonky Tonk Zydeco – spend the lockdown with Paul Maley, Ian Wurst, and Garrett Evans – old guard of The Holler!, Burbon Toothpaste, Fatty Jenkins and Handpicked – the results are quality musicianship you can trust your entertainment time to.