Hip Hop-Rap

Rev. da IV

Saturday 4:30PM @ Tony's Bar & Rooftop

organic, soulful, thoughtful

The Mountain West has long sought out an answer for their own rising hip hop artists. Caught up in an abundance of drill inspired savants and SoundCloud savvy mumble rappers, there is Rev. da IV (b. Havea "harvey" Tukutau). Birthed in Denver before spending his childhood moving around between Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, Rev built a strong network with artists that each brought different sounds and hailed from a variety of backgrounds, while Rev also contributed a sound that was unique to the region. Rev. da IV’s first inspiration was Chance the Rapper, while later finding more inspirations in the Chicago scene such as Smino and Saba. The now Greeley, CO based rapper released his debut single “Better Days” on July 22, 2018; He watched it quickly catch traction, with the Chicago blog 4th Shore Hip Hop premiering the Chance inspired record. Following the release of Better Days, Rev. da IV enjoyed performing all over Denver and Northern Colorado alongside local acts such as Devin Tremell and Mitchell James. Most notably, the Mountain West rapper performed alongside Phony Ppl in Denver as support on their Mo'Zai'ik Tour. In May of 2020, Rev. da IV released his debut EP, "Oh YAWP!". The Colorado rapper caught the eyes of Denver publication, Westword. Cleo Mirza wrote, "Oh YAWP! could easily become the summer-party soundtrack of choice...if only parties were happening." Following the EP, Rev made the decision to take a step back due to the pandemic and focusing on work within the community. Finally making his return to the stage in October of 2021 alongside Sol & Sam Lachow, Rev. da IV plans to have a momentous 2022. Expect to see Rev. da IV’s name on your timelines and in your favorite blog’s with singles coming all of next year with an EP being prepared for fall of 2022.