Friday 9:45PM @ The Atrium At The Alley Cat

broody slacker rock

Formed in Fort Collins, Colorado in February 2018, safekeeper is the melancholy brainchild of Zachary Visconti. Characterized by explosive live performances and an array of erratic songwriting, the four-piece floats seamlessly between melodic and chaotic guitar tones, often drawing comparisons to 90s-era alternative bands like early Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, Slint, and Pavement.
In December 2018, safekeeper released its debut EP "on sludge summit." The 5-track EP features loud, abrasive song interludes, drunken yawls, and a whirlwind of poetry commenting on everyday systems through the lens of an odd and mystical narrative about a fictional land. Recorded in Visconti's duplex living room, the release emphasizes the revived DIY ethic in modern indie rock, and the authentic, artistic spirit carried within the home of an individual.
The band released a follow-up EP entitled "bummer beach bonanza" in March of 2020. Clocking in at about 18 minutes, the 5-song sophomore effort is a more-forward lyrical sequel to “on sludge summit,” emphasizing the band’s 21st-century take on classic slacker rock textures. The production was a marked improvement on the band’s first release, and its songs a more cohesive attempt to establish a narrative, discussing themes of mental health, and addiction in a wallowing world of consumerism, capitalism and climate change.
"bummer beach bonanza, their latest EP, resurrects the sounds of early Modest Mouse and Pavement, along with contemporary guitar-driven bands like Parquet Courts, in a gloomy, blistering five-track homage to the loneliness of the West Coast.
...While on sludge summit had the gloom cranked a bit higher, bummer beach bonanza has a carelessness to it that makes it fun and intriguing."
-Denver Westword