Shake Me // Wake Me

Old School Indie

Shake Me // Wake Me started as an excuse to drink beer and jam on Modest Mouse songs and quickly evolved into writing original songs. The band formed in 2016 after Bob and Tom met at a jam session at CohereBandwidth. Bob and Tom brought in Spoonie and Jack to fill out the rest of the sound. The band is at home in the basement playing loudly and brings that energy to the stage.


The music can be driving and aggressive but also have atmosphere and heart. Bob’s vocals and guitar drives the songs, Tom’s guitar and delay pedals add atmosphere, Jack’s bass adds rhythm and melody and Spoonie’s drumming ties everything together.


Shake Me // Wake Me’s plays old school indie rock with elements of country and punk rock. The band is inspired by bands like Interpol, Modest Mouse, the Pixies, Pavement and New Order.