Shtonk Brass Band

Saturday 10:00PM @ 830 North

Rowdy, Brassy, Relentless

Colorado's newest and freshest 8-piece brass band, Shtonk Brass, serves up party music, wild renditions of the best and worst chart toppers, and a bit of that filthy brass funk. Shtonk is an amalgamation of horn players, percussionists, and pickers from many well-love bands across Northern Colorado, including Cactus Cat, Guerrilla Fanfare, Gora Gora Orkestar, Fists of the Proletariat, Hand Turkey Band, Titonic, Organomatron, and many more well-loved local groups. Having been on the scene since March 2019, they have grooved with audiences at Aggie Theater, The Lyric, Fort Collins Food Truck Rally, Black Lives Matter marches, and numerous other events. If you love high-energy music, rowdy blasts from the past, moving your body, or improvised funk and jazz, Shtonk will deliver all of that.