Sick Trick

sweet, sour, spicy

Jeff and Eric were co-workers at a local french creperie and bakery here in Fort Collins. Jeff played guitar and had songs ready to go. Eric played drums and had been out of the game for a number of years. Mutual friend and co-worker Laura said "Jeff, you play guitar. Eric, you play drums. You guys should play together." And so it began. After a handful of songs had been worked out as a two piece, Jeff and Eric played an open mic at the late great Boot Grill in Fort Collins, under the name of Crunch Fist. There they stumbled upon Tyler, who was out enjoying a night of music with his wife Kim and some friends. Tyler played bass. A few weeks went by and Jeff and Eric were ready to make some noise in a louder and more dynamic manner. They called in Tyler and Sick Trick was born.

"Sick Trick is trying to enter your brain through your ears and kick around a bit while inside. Sick Trick is trying to erase your memories starting with the oldest to newest while replacing them with images of regret, remorse, rage, jealousy, confusion, consultation, frustration, desolation, and maybe hunger, depending on the time of day. Sick Trick is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Sick Trick is just starting out, but is looking to play as many shows as possible, infesting as many lonesome hearts as it can reach, for fun. Sick Trick tries to blend sounds of pop, rock, blues, folk, funk, soul and alternative into something kind of hard to explain. Sick Trick regrets nothing!" - Sick Trick