StereoType Drive

Melodic Heavy Rock

Formed from the ashes of a recent Fort Collins band, StereoType Drive calls back to simpler time in Rock & Roll. A time with punishing drums, soaring vocals, and lots & lots of guitar. Spanning across several generations, this band is a unique hybrid of 80's metal, powerpop, and grunge. 

Cisco Romero (drums), Bob Doughty (lead guitar) and Dillon McDonald (bass+vocals) met in a previous band known as Mad September. After a few years off, some intermittent musical projects, and couple of cross-country moves, the band reformed in late 2017. Dillon recruited long-time friend and writing partner, Andy Rodgers (Rhythim Guitar + Vocals) to round out the foursome and the group began writing new material while retaining some of the more up-tempo music from the previous band's catalog. 

In February of 2018, the band entered Blasting Room Studios to record the first studio-produced album. The result was a 5-song EP - "In The Key of FU" - released in May of 2018. Members of this band have been a part of every FoCoMX since its inception, and we are proud to carry on the tradition in 2019.