Sunrise Daydream

Saturday 5:00PM @ Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - Woodward Special Exhibition Gallery

Unique, heavy, exciting

We're a rock band originally from Brighton, CO. We got started when we were in high school, we're now all in college attending CSU!! We've been together about 3 years now and have been playing all over Colorado, but mostly in Denver. A few of our more prominent venues include Black Buzzard, Herman's Hideaway and Cheyenne Frontier Days up in Wyoming. 

People are often surprised by our sound, especially due to our lack of a guitarist. We've found plenty of interesting ways to get around that missing sound though without our music feeling empty. We also have a huge range of music genres that we perform, leading to a super diverse set. 

Being teenagers, it's a bit hard to break into the music scene, especially when Colorado has so many talented artists, but we are doing what we love every time we perform and hope we can share our talents with many more people. Stick with us to see how much we grow, and how surprising we can be!