Hip Hop-Rap

Team Skinny Guano

Friday 10:45PM @ The Comedy Fort - Front Stage

Conscious, Underground, Trippy

Team Skinny Guano consists of Seth Brink, All Seeing nEYEg, M.C.Escher, and Dj Dominic Deadbeat.  Hailing from various front range cities, TSG formed in 2019 with their home studio recording of their first album, E.T.A.-Never!  Playing what little shows possible during the pandemic, TSG is excited to blow peoples minds with their live performance!  

With a new album coming out early 2022, Team Skinny Guano is ready to hit the stage and freak with the best of them!  Beats and lyrics all written by them, the sound they produce is underground hip hop with an edgy and psychedelic twist you dont want to miss!