Beast Powered FolkRock

Known for his gritty vocals and rowdy rhythm guitar for the grungy Colorado folk rockers The Longest Day of the Year, TMULE brings together lyrical roots and folk stories like early Neil Young with the grunge of Pearl Jam and sonic celebrations like Wilco.

TMULE is a librarian at heart, and a creature of exploration and empathy with a penchant for folk lyrics, grunge/rock music, and literature. He folds and unfolds each moment through creation to collapse. Through ruin and redemption. TMULE strives to dig deep and feel out stories of love, dreams of life, visions of longing and loss.

Though his songs have been used as the backbone of the band The Longest Day of the Year, his songwriting bleeds far beyond the full-frontal folk-rock of TLDOTY and also reaches into the smaller, tender, and quiet spaces of his heart and mind.

After 2 full band LPs with The Longest Day of the Year since 2012 ("Turn Into the Ground" and "Carapace") and over a thousand shows, strummed and bellowed, TMULE's latest release is an intimate set of songs called Worldless Lullabies and is the companion to a poetry book called "Book of Dawn / I, The Iceberg."