Trash Cat

Saturday 8:45PM @ The Coast

Quirky Danceable Heartfelt

Trash Cat uses their music to ride a see-saw between tender-heartedness and absurdity inspired by their favorite cartoons and pop culture. They are a quirky combo personally and instrumentally, consisting of Mary Claxton on electric ukulele, Hayden Farr on baritone saxophone, and Brian Claxton on drums. Trash Cat loves to make their audiences dance, smile, and hug their inner child. 


Formed in 2018, Trash Cat has played for a variety of venues such as Indie 102.3, O’Dell Brewing, Greeley Friday Fest, and the Flying V Sessions at Wolverine Farms. Their style is at home in a club, singing books at an elementary school, and even conventions like Fort Collins Comic Con and the VINCON Vintage Video Game Convention. Trash Cat will soon be the musical voice behind Little Roar and His Big Family, a preschool cartoon celebrating diversity in families, coming in 2022.