The Trujillo Company

Blues Rock Extravaganza

Rock and roll isn't dead - it's just been sleeping, and Denver based power duo The Trujillo Company is a powder keg ready to awaken the sleeping giant. The two-piece rock and roll outfit has been taking the Colorado music scene by storm since playing their first show in late January 2018. The band has quickly become known for their energetic live shows, heavy riffs, and massive hooks earning a nomination for "Best Rock Band" in Denver's 2019 Westword Music Awards Poll.  

Guitarist Mike Trujillo and drummer Leny Trujillo met at a mutual friend's birthday party in 2009, and planted the seeds for what would become The Trujillo Company almost a decade later. After deciding to jam together after ten years had passed, the duo knew instantly that they had a cosmic connection and that the universe was bringing them together at the right time to capture lightning in a bottle. The two musicians feed off each other naturally and write music that they feel people can connect with on a cathartic level. 

The band recorded their debut album "Home" in Los Angeles, California with engineer/producer Manny Nieto with the goal of capturing the explosiveness of band's live performance on the record. Heralded as a "dirty rock and roll masterpiece" by BandWagon Magazine, the album is a full display of the band's prowess as songwriters and is cementing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Rocky Mountain region. The future is bright for The Trujillo Company and there are no signs of stopping for what has certainly become one of Denver's hottest bands.

The Trujillo Company is set to release the video for their upcoming single, "Follow the Leader" on March 7, 2020 at Denver's legendary Hi-Dive.