Twirling Zucchinis

Polka Gypsy Jig!

   Twirling Zucchinis have a brand new album out called "Distracted by Donuts!" and they will be performing many of the new songs from the freshy-fresh recording!  Celebrating exciting music from around the world, Clarinetist/Saxophonist/Composer Andrew Vogt  leads the quartet Twirling Zucchinis that fuses polka, klezmer, irish jig, tango, gypsy swing and funk into a spirited and engaging musical show. Focusing on original songs as well as select classic melodies, Twirling Zucchinis offers up a highly unique and energetic musical experience that blends top notch and precise musicianship with fun and humor. Travel around the world and through space and time with The Twirling Zucchinis!  Andrew Vogt released a CD called "Twirling Zucchini Trio" back in 2016 but has expanded the band to include accordion/keyboardist Bob Montgomery, calling the ensemble "Twirling Zucchinis."  

   Check out for Andrew Vogt's many upcoming performances around the state of Colorado.  Andrew has appeared on over two dozen releases including two of his own jazz recordings called "Action Plan" and "Cats Afoot."  You can hear more of Twirling Zucchinis music at