Two Headed Sweater

Saturday 3:45PM @ Illegal Pete's

Earnest, Cozy, Relatable

Two Headed Sweater is a five-piece indie rock outfit from Fort Collins, CO. The project took form in 2021 when members of several local bands started collaborating. Not to brag, but that technically makes them a superband. It was a pandemic outside and, dear reader, I’m willing to bet it still is. Nonetheless, THS started scratching together songs and racking up outdoor performances to build a unique creation, distilling the sweetest parts of its member’s prior projects into a new sound characterized by earnest lyrics, talkative basslines, and warm harmonies.

If Neil Young was a millennial and had a friend with a Moog, it might sound like THS. Big Thief called, they want their spooky sensuality back. ELO called, they want their ear-worm synth hooks back. Wilco called, they want their vulnerable lyrics back. THS’s exes called, they want THS back.

Songs range from somber waltzes to clamoring hootenannies. In all cases they’ll be joking, laughing, and having a lot of fun. Even as they dive into the emotional weeds, they won't take themselves too seriously.