Tyler T. and the Common Clay

Saturday 8:00PM @ Avogadro's Number

Organic funky folk

Tyler T. and the Common Clay are a 6 piece funky folk band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band’s organic arrangement of worldly instruments combined with the genre bending styles that they drift in and out of are what sets this group apart and makes them difficult to define. The band is led by singer/songwriter Tyler T. on guitar, didgeridoo and vocals, David Clapsaddle on saxophone, Jonathan Sadler on marimba, Eric Wolheim on bass guitar, Daniel Zamzow on cello, and Mason Bassuk on drums. 

As a unit, the band is well versed in improvisation and multiple different styles that they utilize while showcasing Tyler’s crafty songwriting. There is an eclectic and upbeat nature to the band that encourages the fans and listeners to dance along, groove with, and follow where the band takes them. They have been picking up steam and getting around Colorado since the band’s formation in 2016, and plan to push forward into the future with more live performances, tours, festivals, and studio recordings.