Violet Pilot

Saturday 5:00PM @ Washington's

Psychedelic Earth Rock

A culmination of covid , curiosity and an unpredicitable harmony of backgrounds was created in
2020 with Michael Kirkpatrick, Sean Macaulay, Jo Asker, and John Hartman. The band is generating
an eclectic range of deep groves and intoxicating melodies with an affection for psychedelic
Americana, deep textures and lush dynamics of jazz and explosive alternative rock elements.
Based in fort collins, CO, Violet Pilot has evolved from basement writings, featured in the Magnolia
Sessions, headlining at the Aggie Theatre and recently completed their debut record at the
legendary Blasting Room Studios. "Glad We Found You" to be released in spring 2022.
Violet Pilot - [email protected] on KRFC
Violet Pilot’s Kickstarter is currently live for their debut album "Glad We Found You" recorded at the legendary Blasting Room Studios. Backer rewards include early access to the record, private lessons, exclusive guitar string jewelry, exclusive t-shirt designs, a Colorado BBQ, VIP concert, and even knife sharpening.
Recorded at the legendary Blasting Room with award-winning engineer Andrew Berlin, "Glad We Found You" is set to be released summer 2022
First vinyl run will be limited, and backers can get one of these exclusive copies from the first pressing
Their campaign deadline ends on April 24th 2022.
"Glad We Found You "album Kickstarter: