Friday 8:45PM @ The Comedy Fort - Main Stage

sultry psychedelic synth

VIVIAN - The artist duo comprised of Alana Rolfe and Timo Massa formed in Fort Collins, Colorado after years in the cities' music scene with such projects as, Stella Luce, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Sour Boy Bitter Girl & Giant Cogs Turn. 2020 saw the release of "The Warped Glimmer", the pair's debut full length album, charting #89 on College Radio Charts. VIVIAN explores hip hop beats, psychedelic textures, sultry vocals and glitchy details to create the esthetic some have referred to as "mushroom-pop". Their EP, "Snapsounds vol 1: March in the Marigny" released September 2021 preludes the release of their 2nd full length album, "Pressure Makes Diamonds" upcoming in 2022.  

"Sitting somewhere between dream-pop and the more beat orientated end of ambient dance, it laces classical piano motifs, deftly picked guitar and futuristic synth resonance through the simple yet stunningly effective melodies and all of which acts as a perfect frame and a vehicle for the gorgeous, graceful and dynamic vocals of Alana Rolfe." --DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE (review by Dave Franklin)

 “Vivian’s new single and title track to their latest album The Warped Glimmer totes an irresistible groove that infuses both acoustic and electronic instrumentation into its sonic landscape. The Warped Glimmer’s hazy aesthetic adds a taste of timelessness to the overall composition that takes us to another world and acts as a podium Alana Rolfe’s vocal charms. The Warped Glimmer by Vivian is experimental, innovative, but most assuredly wrapped in the emotional fervor of love.” The Warped Glimmer by Vivian – Warlock Asylum International News