Ambient Acoustic Folk

weareforests is the space inside your living room where you feel cozy. Where the weight of the world is suspended for just a moment, and you are yourself. Not just the self that you show everyone, but the spaces so vulnerable they may even hurt. The weight and noticing of right now.


In 2020, weareforests is any of the following expressions:


(1) The writing and musings of Corey Wright.

(2) The soft singing of duet Corey Wright and Alex Woodchek.

Or possibly ! 

(3) The full bellied beast of accompanying Richie Dow (Drums) & Harrison Goodale (Upright Bass)


The hope is to create those living room spaces inside of you. Whether that be in your actual living room, or on a stage, we hope the conversation is as thin and clear as all our fragile beings can be sometimes.