Saturday 4:45PM @ Avogadro's Number - Outdoor Patio

Eclectic foot-stomping weirdgrass

And then there were three. Our beloved friend and lead banjo player, Mike Moxcey, crossed the rainbow bridge this past September. We, the remaining members, are honoring his beautiful person and musical spirit by playing as a Mike Moxcey tribute band. We will be playing the songs he wrote and those that he loved to play. 

Jeremiah Jacks plays the mandolin, Jill Vesty guitar, Jesse Epstein bass, and we all sing. Well, Jill sings while Jesse and Jeremiah try their best not to offend or injure. 

Ranging from the rip-roaring to the sublime, our music seeks to put a smile on the listeners faces. One thing is certain, the band will be having fun.