FAQs - Volunteers

Sign up online as soon as the lineup is launched on 4/1/22! Grab your shift early for the best choice. Some shifts become yours right away, some require supervisor approval.... For approval-required shifts, we'll email you. Keep scrolling down in the Volunteer FAQ if you need more detailed sign-up steps. 

The following instructions apply any time after the lineup has launched.
Start on the Volunteer page.
If you're not signed in, you will see a top banner that says "Join the FoCoMX volunteer army!"
Step 1: Sign in to an existing account or create a new user account. (If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.)
Step 2: Set up your volunteer profile. Fill out the short form with your name, email, phone and t-shirt size. If you skip this step, you can SEE available shifts, but you won't get the Sign Up button because you won’t be saved in the system as a volunteer. 
Step 3: Sign up for a shift! You'll see the list of available shifts under Volunteer Opportunities.
Click to read the description of a shift, and if the requirements work for you, scroll to the bottom. If you've done steps 1 and 2 above, you will see a Sign Up link. Click it! One more confirmation screen and you're done.
You should get an automated email confirming your sign-up. Some positions are yours right away, some require supervisor approval. The shift description as well as the email you get will tell you which kind you selected.
You can add or delete shifts using your login at any time. Need help? Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

Read your CONFIRMATION EMAIL carefully. There are two kinds of positions available on the website: No-approval-required, and approval-required.

If you sign up for a no-approval-required shift, IT'S YOURS and we'll be expecting to see you at one of our pre-festival trainings. Please put us in your calendar, because we really, really need you!! 

If you sign up for an approval-required shift (On the schedule, it will have said: "This position requires approval by our Volunteer Coordinator. Please apply below by clicking "Sign Up!" and we will be in touch soon.") Give us up to 72 hours to catch our breath and we'll either call you with additional questions or approve you! Either way, we will let you know when we are OFFICIAL. Thank you!!

(There are also a few positions that we schedule behind the scenes, reserved for sponsors, partners and board members, but those require direct communication between you and [email protected]).

2022 Trainings - (one is required) 
FoCoMA would like to thank Elevations Credit Union in Downtown Fort Collins for letting us use their spaces this year for our Volunteer and Festival Headquarters and Will Call/Ticket Box Office. 
Trainings are either Sunday, April 10, or Saturday, April 16, from 11-12:30. 
Training and Volunteer HQ are at Elevations Credit Union, 221 E. Mountain Ave. just east of College on the south side of the street. Volunteers will use the separate double doors to the west of the lobby door, to get upstairs to the Elevations Community Room. If you want to volunteer and you cannot make either date, we have the capacity to figure out an alternate time with a handful of people, but please do your best to make one of the above dates.
2022 Volunteer Headquarters (VHQ) is at Elevations Credit Union, 221 E. Mountain Ave. just east of College on the south side of the street. Volunteers will use the separate double doors to the west of the lobby door, to get upstairs to the Elevations Community Room. 
Please come about 30 minutes IN ADVANCE of your shift start time. At this time you will check in for your shift, possibly grab the venue tub for your shift, and get your wristband.
Also, if you are working Saturday but want to see bands on Friday, you will come to VHQ on Friday to get your wristband early. If this is the case, you must leave a $20 deposit which you can get back from us on Saturday.

If you're 18 or over, volunteer for one or more shifts (4+ hours) and attend a training session, the benefits to YOU are: a FREE wristband for FoCoMX ($40-$60 value), and a delightfully soft and sexy volunteer t-shirt. But we truly believe the benefits go beyond that. You become part of the fabric of the Fort Collins Musicians Association community, a community dedicated to supporting our local musicians. We literally CAN NOT do this festival without you, and as we all know, local bands don't become national bands without strong grassroots support. 

For volunteers with a Saturday shift who want to pick up their wristband on Friday to see music, we require a $20 deposit when you pick your wristband up at Volunteer HQ/Spaces. When you check in on Saturday, your cash deposit will be returned to you. 

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to be cautious and considerate when it comes to public health. If you are potentially contagious or are showing any COVID symptoms prior to your FoCoMX shift, please either log in and cancel your shift through the website, or email us at [email protected] as early as possible to cancel so we can try to fill your vacancy. For our COVID policies, which are subject to change, see the festival’s General FAQ page.